Last year this time was the wedding day of my brother and sister-in-law! Remember all you who prayed me through and gave money for me to get there? You were involved in the miracle and I appreciate you all. I wish James & Myrlande HAPPY ANNIVERSARY today.


Coming Out!

Spring is springing up outside my window here in Virginia, USA. I’m about to go out into the 60 degree weather today. Listen people – the trouble that’s been troubling you, you about to trouble the trouble. The Devil is lying and he’s crying. Step on out into your new victory. I’m stepping out into mine. Don’t get frustrated, don’t get distracted. Stay on the faithwalk.

Yes I’ve been very quiet for months. Oh it feels so good. Hopefully you all have had that joy of being called by God to be still & quiet for months. It has been a growing time for me. A stretching time. Today in America it is Thanksgiving an official holiday set up for Americans to thank God for His blessings in our lives. People have moved far from that and just say they’re “thankful” but leave blank who they’re thankful to. Well I give thanks to the Lord God Almighty for He is worthy to be praised.

How is your faith journey going? Hope you’re staying in there even though it might be going on longer than you thought. Be grateful today that you’ve been picked by the Most High God to be on the faith journey He has put you on. Don’t doubt. Believe. It’s not a fairytale. It’s real. Trust Jesus. He’s not tricking you. Give Thanks to God.

God Movement 

Wedding Story 2b

More wedding pics. See two posts back for some videos.

This darling page boy has had it already😇

All the siblings

Gorgeous Cake

James & his pal from college days, Patrick.

Wedding Story – 2

Here’s some still pictures.

I love this one for the park background.Such a happy groom. My brother is such a happy person. Myrlande is very happy too, she’s just more cool about it. A great view of her mom in the background beaming with satisfaction – her last daughter to be married. Her mom must have gone through a lot in Haiti, bearing 9 children, a pastor’s wife, widowed when she was 40. Finally this daughter married! And to a man they all seem to trust.

When I see this picture I can’t help but remember my condo mate, Carol, and I in G Street Fabric Store buying my fabric for this dress. We weren’t sure what my role would be in the ceremony neither had we seen anyone else’s outfits. All I can say is my God is the God who sees me!!! Could we, the 2 maids of honor, (yes they had 2 best men & 2 maids of honor) have matched any better? My sister, Lorraine said that I couldn’t have matched everyone in the wedding party any better than I did. That I fit in with everyone perfectly. 

Wendy! I’m sorry. Wedding – Section 1

Yeah! I’m apologizing to one of you my readers for the delay. I said I would take you along with me for the wedding, but I suddenly had to be in the wedding and it wouldn’t look right to be holding up my iPad during the ceremony. Then we were whisked away to the limo to take pictures in the park. Anywhoo…the really apology is that it took so long to get back to the ministry. My real excuse is that I was exhausted. The spiritual warfare, the stress, the excitement, the joy…all tuckered me out!!! Rory, a nurse, explained to me that there’s a medical reason too – something about stuff inside me settling down around my muscles and causing achy-ness.

I’m going to start with you having to go to YouTube – sorry again, Wendy – but WordPress won’t let me put videos longer than a few minutes unless I upgrade to be a paying customer. As you all know that is coming, its just not here now. I thought of you all on my way up – Journey to My Brother’s Wedding – 1

Then while I was on the Acela train ride – Journey to my Brother’s Wedding – 2

I was too pooped to do anything the next day, so jump to the wedding day – Preparing the Bride. Here I couldn’t do all the prepping because I didn’t want my brother to see her before she entered the church, in case he was fooling around with his phone and YouTube, since I was on Live.

Of course we skip the ceremony here because I couldn’t film, but someone was, so hopefully, one day I’ll get footage. Next stop the park for wedding photos – Leaving the Photo Shoot at the Park. I know, 19 seconds. So hoping for more in the future.

Finally food time at the reception – The Reception – Part 1The Reception – Part 2

Video of my trip back to D.C. Victory indeed and seeing a spiritual warfare marriage off to it glorious start – Trip Back from the Wedding.

Part 2 will be all photos, I think.

The Strategy of God 

Make sure you’re in the strategy of God. It makes things easier! Oh Yes! He has a strategy.

Praise the Lord! Why not?

Just praise the Lord!

At Ease Soldier. Stand down.

At ease soldier. Stand down. God is saying this to some of us. Be blessed.

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