Settle into Patience 

God said this to me the other day – “Settle into patience”. It was such a strong word and I felt it. It was tangible. He says put the scribbling art piece with it and then write a post. So here you go. 

So much revelation came from that “settle into patience”. Such peace. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for some things that God has told me I would have or come into or do and still I’m waiting. But when He said this to me, I felt such peace. A revelation came about how to handle an insult; to not fight or say anything other than what God is telling me to say because Satan wants a BIG fight and blow up. Like the more calm dogs we see on the TV show The Dog Whisperer, God said “you be still and don’t react; don’t rehearse what you will say…practice settling into patience and let God do His supernatural Divine stuff from the Throne Room”.

Then He gave me James 1:4 – …But let patience (perseverance) have her perfect work (finish her work), that ye may be perfect and entire (mature & complete), wanting nothing.
Another revelation was that we learn not to believe as children because our parents made a big deal about our art work but have to ask us “what is it?” You knew as a 4 year old that your work couldn’t be good, you saw the art work on the walls in the home and yet your parents oohed and ahhed over your work. You felt they had to be lying or crazy. No wonder we have problems with faith. But what’s a parent to do? I don’t know, but I know this was a pathway to doubting oneself and authority figures and caretakers. Can the ultimate Caretaker/Parent be trusted or is He just humoring us? Well, we have to know that He is not a human. He is the God of all Gods. So He’s not like any human parent you know. Numbers 23:19 – God is not a man, that He should lie. Like a blank piece a paper before you do your masterpiece, you can start anew and afresh with your Father God. He’s not like your father on Earth. Instead that father is working towards becoming like your Father in Heaven. The section in Numbers goes on to say God is not going to lie, change His mind, say He’ll do something and then not do it, promise and not fulfill. You can trust this Father.
Another reveal from this settling into patience business was to break off of yourself the damage done to you over the years of always saying “I can’t wait till this or that happens”. You can wait. If you can’t wait…what is the alternative? Rushing ahead on your own. Disobedience. Confusion. Delay. Turning around. Getting back on the right path. A whole lot of frustration. You can wait for God’s perfect will for you and you will wait. Instead of saying you’re not able to wait, say you look forward to what God has for you. You’re looking forward to the breakthrough with a holy expectation.

Turn your words around in your favor.


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