Bloomin’ Dreamin’ 

Hope you’re havin’ a blooming day of dreams coming true. Let’s push those promises of God along by faith confession that brings possession.       This watercolor I did in Sketches Pro.


A Good Friday Love Note from the Lord

A Good Friday love note from the Lord.

Another tiny testimony – my mother

​Another Tiny Testimony – my mother.  The Lord has given me permission to share this. I’ll put it up on YouTube later but apparently someone out there needs it now.

The Tiniest Funniest Testimony Ever

The Tiniest Funniest Testimony Ever.    This morning I was thinking about what the Lord had taught me regarding work, that He had commanded the Levites to start working in the Temple at 25 years old and it was compulsory that they retire from regular service at 50 years of age. We really like ignoring this little instruction. I wanted to read it again in the Bible lest I got that wrong or misread. So I reached for my Bible and my iPad because surely I’d have to Google the passages’ address. While my iPad fired up I opened my Bible, went back to click on my Google app on the iPad, turned back to my Bible and it was already opened to the exact passages which I had underlined. Daddy God had caused the book to open at the exact place – Numbers 8:23-26!!! Ya’ll take this like you want it and let it bless ya’. 

(Father caused me to also remember this verse which He had taught me, Romans 4:5. I think I’m going to name this painting Romans 4:5)😎

There’s Love in the Air

There’s love in the air. Hope the sun is shining where you are and flowers are blooming. You know Jesus loves you and with Him there is always love in the air.