The Comeback Kids of God

These flowers seemed to be down and out, but lo and behold they are coming back up. That’s what we are. Creations of the King of Kings, who Satan thinks he’s knocked us down and out, but lo and behold we’re coming back again!


Morning Frittata

Another day on the faith walk. Made a egg rice frittata – 7 eggs because 1 was a twin, dropped into separate bowls to avoid shells and still got one! ( but got it out), mixed in seasonings, onion, jalapeño, green peppers, broccoli, Parmesan cheese, salt (not needed that much because of the cheese), cooked rice. Beat well. Grease casserole dish well. Pour mixture in. Oven at 350 for awhile. Baked. Let cool in oven. So good! OMG! Possible improvements: Less salt. Add red peppers. Good with mushrooms. Get real cheese. Cook covered after solidified outside, especially with 12 eggs and a gang of friends & family. 

This Is What I Feel – LOVE

LOVE. This is what I feel, what I feel for our God who made this beautiful Earth for us, what I feel for you all who I minister to & care about. This is another pic taken when we were at the beach in winter. I just saw it Gayle. A friend, Gina, gave a challenge to us women to post a pic of ourselves, just us alone, and tag 5 other women and have them do the same. Let’s lift each other up!

The Faith Walk TV Show, new episode. Be encouraged!

HRH Princess Carroll Ayo Durodola Ministries 

Wait on the Lord – 2

Remember my post about waiting on the Lord and how some buds on my cherry tree didn’t, well we continued to have days of warmth and more buds blossomed. One would think, maybe it was ok after all to come out. Nope. Suddenly it got freezing cold and those blossoms are a sad, dull grey color. There is that temptation for us also. Everybody else is coming out, other co-laborers in the vineyard of the King are doing ‘it’, it’s probably ok. 

Wait! Wait upon the Lord. Let the General tell you when you should move on.

March 4th with the Lord

How? By being still and knowing God. Like the lady in the last post we are marching forward in March, but we are doing it by being still. Even though she’s strutting along, inside, she is still.

Keeping on

That’s it! I’m just going to keep on following Jesus!
Happy March! The Marching Forward Month