Wait On The Lord

Today I keep hearing God saying, “Wait. Wait on Me. I know it’s as if you’ve been waiting already for a long time, but please just wait.” Outside my dining room window our beloved cherry tree isn’t listening and is already budding because it’s been so warm lately. It seemed like it was time to come out, but now these few blossoms are freezing. The Enemy attacks your ministry by having you give birth or move forward prematurely. Just wait. (Isaiah 40:31 KJV)


Are You Having Some Cheese With That Whine?

Stop complaining. Are you whining and complaining? That is clogging up the pipeline the Holy Spirit uses to get information to you. Do you find you are complaining about complaining? Are you complaining about someone else’s whining. Unless you’re going to have some cheese with that whine (like my niece Jahnese Alston would say), cut out that whining.

We have disappointments and frustrations. It’s OK to be annoyed, angry & vent, but get over it quickly and move on with God. Remember you’re on Earth to learn, grow and enjoy yourself.


Don’t Get Distracted 

A dear one sent me the same rant from six days before. It was such a good word in with the rant but seeing it again 6 days later I see he’s not done. Which is good. Great to get it all out. 
Two things I’m seeing in this:

1. A friend warned me not to get distracted. A word from God! She said while you’re complaining about someone, a circumstance, a pain, an accident or anything else, God could be calling you to come out into your breakthrough, finally and you’re busy fussin’ and commiserating with yourself.

2. I’m way improved from 2014 and before, because I fell a month ago and got right back up, rebuking demonic forces and kept on with my scheduled walk and shopping.

Don’t get distracted and stop whining and complaining.

Even two peas in a pod are different 

Even though you and your friend are alike, even two-peas-in-a-pod are different.

Even if you feel all alone as you follow Christ, know there are many like you.

It’s the LOVE month! And it’s the JOY year.

Y’all know it’s the love month and for those of us in the US African American month. The Lord told me that this year is very special. It’s the joy year. Get ready for a whole lot of joy! You’ll just have to look out for it.