I just fell! WHAT! Ridiculous.

Can you believe it! Came out of my home, crossed the street from where a neighbor just fell and bloodied her nose and God had a man come along, a medical person with surgical gloves and a First Aid kit; he had just walked her into her condo, I walked out to go to the store and fell. 

I fell!#@? Right down on the ground. Sprawled right out on the sidewalk – in my self-knitted sweater coat I was just telling you about, with matching hat! I got up slowly. Thankfully my sunglasses were on my face or I would have lost them as my bags fell every where. Just after I blogged to you all about the blessings of the Lord. Knowing when something is Satanic I rebuked every demon and evil spirit trying to harass in that corner. I tell you my neighbor had just fallen there. She had just entered her apartment and I had stood there looking to make sure she had gathered up all her stuff – i crossed the driveway, and fell.

Off to work for the King and the Enemy tries to take me out. No way! I’m not having it! They might have laughed but the Kingdom of Heaven got the last laugh as the King gave me words to banish them to hell and dispatch warrior angels to fight on my behalf. I will do the work of the Lord. No demon in hell can stop me.


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