God’s gifts of fun and provisions 

image​​A day in the life of a faith walker. This is me having a wonderful time at the beach on that winter day a week ago or so. This is how God does His thing. He gives me these moments that He knows I’m going to enjoy. I mean it’s the beach!!! I love the beach, the sand, the water, the smells, sea shells, everything. I just didn’t know it could be so beautiful and wonderful in the winter. But couple that with great fellowship and friends and it becomes the best time ever. God does the same thing for you. I’m sure if you think about it you’ll discover this. It might be hard for you right now if things seem to be going all wrong in you life, but just start praising God for a minute and it will amaze you what things you’ll suddenly realize you are grateful for.

Yes, it was freezing cold but a couple of years ago God made sure I got a huge load of yarn someone else no longer needed and I could knit this great sweater coat and hat. Some things are underneath that you can’t see that I knit too – a violet cashmere top, burgundy red wool pants. My roomie gifted me those cashmere lined leather gloves.

God has caused so many people to pour into my life things that I need. This might embarrass some people and would have embarrassed me some years ago, but now I understand, Luke 9:3ff and 10:2ff about the Lord sending you out (now, children don’t try this at home, only go if the Lord sends you😯) and I get it more what Luke 6:38 is about – provision being poured into your pocket. Barnes’ commentary talks about the old word ‘bosom’ in this last verse, referring to a Oriental custom of having a big front part of their garment so they could carry things. Something like the pocket. So God will cause things to be poured into your pockets.                        (ff means “and following verses”). 

There are conditions to having this experience of people pouring provisions into your life – forgiving, obeying, etc – but you will actually see the Bible coming true in your life if you stay on this faith walk with Jesus. Things might be messy, family may turn against you and hope you fail, people might call you crazy, fellow Christians might say you’re wrong, but God will provide for you. And mightily blessed are those who allow Him to use them in providing for your journey. If no one will, He’ll reach down and do it Himself supernaturally. But you will be provided for. Just keep obeying, stay on the course He called you to. He’ll even provide sunny, magical, breathtaking moments by the seashore.


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