Angel Armies for Supernatural Women

Since I seem to be under attack about my supernatural experiences (that’s for another blog), I must tell you about armies of angels streaming into a woman’s conference I was at on Saturday (Nov. 7, 2015).


Flame of the Forest Tree. I grew up with these in Nigeria.

This past Saturday, my friend Rory and I attended a women’s conference called The Supernatural Woman in Washington, D.C. (I think it was put on by The Healing Rooms and The Gate, D.C.) It was awesome. Let me just say, Rory and I both had siblings that said, “Tell me when it’s over how it went” and she and I both said, on the forty minute drive back home to Virginia, “how are we going to explain that conference to them”. It was that good. It was being in the Presence of God for five hours and resting. It was better than a day at the spa, it was a mountain top experience, with lots of laughing, learning, loving and relaxation. Just before I tell you about the supernatural experience let me ask, have you ever been to a conference run by two people? Never. I’ve never seen it. But here, two woman of God I know, were the sole speakers and worship leaders – all day! From 10-5…it was Maryam leading worship in the morning and Minoli speaking, then Minoli leading worship in the afternoon and Maryam teaching. No long list of speakers, bishops, preachers and prophetesses. No packed itineary of activities to keep us engaged. Just these two women and the Holy Spirit and 250 of us maybe.

O.K. so we arrived at the church and registered and began to file in. As the time went by, of course, more women arrived and filed to the chairs and greeted each other and looked to get better seats or positions and the Lord caused me to see what else was happening. I saw many, many, many angels streaming into the place with us. They, like us, were pressing forward to get a spot where they would be for the conference. Now, as we were assembling the praise and worship had already begun. There wasn’t really any beginning and welcome or end and benediction to the conference that I noticed. The worship leader just started praising God at the microphone, even though there was still lots of talking and laughing, and we began to join in with her as time went on. So the worshipping

Flame of the Forest Flowers

Flame of the Forest Flowers

was rising and gaining momentum and I noticed as this happened more and more angels arrived. They, like us pressed forward and there were more and more of them. Way more than us. I think Rory said something like, I think there are more angels in here than us. Minoli recognized them at one point.

Then God explained to me who these were – the armies of angels.

Some years ago, Daddy God explained to me that I had armies of angels around me. After time with him for months over this issue, I got that I had 5 armies of angels assigned to me. This is besides my guardian angel and other angels that might be sent to do certain things around me or with me. These armies were a lot of angels – possibly 1000 per army. These are ferocious fierce warrior angels. No fat baby-looking creatures here.  So I have all these angels around me, all the time. At first, I asked Father if one person really needs all these armies. He said, “Yes”. So I know it must be needed as God doesn’t waste anything.

We are flames in the forest of Life.

We are flames in the forest of Life.

Now in this conference, in the church santuary, He said all these women attending had armies also. These armies were pressing in to be in the place with us. Just to enjoy the praise and worship. To be with us in the rest and relaxation of the place. Father had told me some years before that our guardian angels don’t see Heaven until we die. They stay with us and are assigned to us. Now, He was saying these armies are assigned to us also and are relieved of duty only when Father calls us home finally. God does not lack angels. There are an unlimited number. (Revelations 5:11 – And I beheld, and I heard the voice of many angels round about the throne and the beasts and the elders: and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands.) Plus other creatures, as you can see from that verse.

These angels were just filling up the sanctuary and they were telling other angels to move forward so all of them could get in. I thought as I watched this, you warriors might have to double up. I was answered by them, that yes, they knew that but they were going to pack as many as possible in on the ground floor with us. As the conference broke for lunch and then came back for the afternoon session, I saw that some of the warrior angels had occupied the balcony section. They were really packed in there, I tell you!!! It was wonderful.

Flame of the Forest Tree

Flame of the Forest Tree


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