When People Call You Crazy

You know God calls us to do some things that don’t make sense. They don’t make sense to us, nevermind anyone else.

Are you in this situation now?SmileyCrazy

God has called you to live a lifestyle that causes people to call you crazy? I am. Does it look like you might be crazy to do the things you’re doing or stop doing some things that you were doing. People are genuinely concerned about you. But you know this is what God is telling you to do and you plan to stick with Him and keep doing it. Things like, I hope you don’t have to do any of these: Isaiah walking around in his underwear outdoors – Isaiah 20:2; Jeremiah who had to wear panties, take them off, not wash them, stick them into a crack in a rock and leave them there until they rotted – Jeremiah 13:1-14; Hosea who married a prostitute – Hosea 1:2; Ezekiel’s stuff was off-the-wall, but one thing, he was called to be a prophet and then became mute – now how does that work? Ezekiel 3:15.

The people that called you crazy some years ago, have gotten tired and they’re not saying anything anymore. You’re surviving and many of us are thriving. We still lookPrincess Ayo crazy, but people are watching us, concerned but more perturbed now. What does this mean to them? They wonder if they could have been wrong and we were and are right. God did call us to live the way we’re living.

Funny, right? I hope you’re smiling. Leave them alone. Let them contend for what they are contending for. The Lord told me this in 2009 when many in my family were worried about my state of mind and spirituality, since I said God told me to quit my job and trust Him. I’m sure they had lots of discussions about Carroll. What to do with me? This might have led my daughter to come get me one day and take me to lunch with my grandson. It was great, but as soon as we were on the road, she said, “So, how is it going mother?” Thinking back now, I realize they had encouraged her to “do” something about her mother. “Oh”, I said gleefully, “It’s wonderful… and it’s terrible.” Uh uh, she mumbled, probably sure that yes, her mother was having mental problems. Unaware, I went on happily, “You know, it’s the worst of times and it’s the best of times.” Yeah, she nodded, probably thinking, yep, we’ve got a problem alright.

Hopefully, you’re reallElephanty grinning now, because you’ve had this experience or you’re going through it right now. There’s no problem. Just keep walking. Keep faith walking. Keep smiling. The Lord is pleased with you and He is doing it. You just relax.



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