God’s in the PNC Bank with Tami

BankI was in Giant Supermarket and God put Tami of PNC Bank  in my way to positive-i-fy my day. I don’t know why I needed to be positive-i-fied, for there was  no reason for me to be negative. It was just one of those days. You know, days when nothing is really wrong but as my mother would say, you feel “unnecessary”.

Tami was there to say “Yes” into my life, that there would be money in my bank account. Yes, God is going to do what He said and pour.

She might not even know the Divine used her in my life. But He did.

I walked into the supermarket to get some groceries, but there was the smiling Tami, the PNC banker trying to get customers for her bank.

“No” I said in my mind and my face was set to say so and keep walking as is my way, and like I said, I was in a negative mood.

“Good morning ma’am! Would you like to open an account?”

“I had one with you all before  because it was free, but then it wasn’t and I closed it.” I said sharply, still driving my shopping cart onward.

“Oh, but we have free accounts. It’s called …”

“No, you don’t. I tried that.”

“Oh, please come in and let me show you” she went on relentlessly as if I was being perfectly charming.

“No, not today anyway.”

“Well, consider it”

“I might” I smiled. She had worn me down.

Later in my perambulating through the store, she caught me in the magazine section. There she rattled on gleefully about the benefits of the bank and asked me to explain exactly my experience the last time I was with them. Well, nothing really happened but the system I had, stopped being free and with that notice I quickly closed it so I wouldn’t be penalized. Oh she understood, but now they had something else for me that would never charge me – the virtual wallet. Ooo, that sounded right up my alley being a technology, distance learning, social media geek that I am. Virtual wallet. Whatever they meant by that, it meant to me that I would never be charged fees no matter how low my account.

Well, I was convinced but was determined to make sure God wanted me to put my money in there.

He did. So the next time I went to the store I looked for that pretty smiling face and there she was. Actually, I had been in there before, but she wasn’t there and I wasn’t going to trust anyone else. Those of you who follow me know that I don’t have any money right now and God is blessing me with favor to be provided for, so I had very little cash to put in there and I get embarrassed sometimes for people to see that about me. How can I be embarrassed, when I’m out here online with you? Can’t explain it. It’s just one of those silly things of our minds.

Tami said I could have asked anyone.

“Oh no, I preferred to wait for you.”

“Any of us could have helped you.”

See, she didn’t even want any honor for herself.

She went through everything with me. I pulled out my precious $30 I had earned by doing jury duty and I opened an account. As she waited for her system to take she chatted with me about where I lived, what I did…and was very interested in me being a storyteller/children’s writer.

“Oh my! How fabulous. How can I get your books? I will certainly be looking out for you online.”

And that’s when I let out my “oh-hum”-ness, “Yes, I hope I get some money in the account before all the $30 is gone.”

“Of course you will. Let’s think positively. You will have money.” She exclaimed!

BoingWow! That was it! That’s all I needed to fire me up again. Why was my soul cast down? There was no reason for that. God had promised me prosperity and it was going to happen. Wasn’t I following Him. Wasn’t I doing as He asks, following His plan even though it doesn’t seem logical to me.

He was going to do what He said. God did have my back.

Expect to see Him in unexpected places. Look Up. Open Your eyes, He’s trying to show you how present He is in your life – believer or not. (Oops, some church folk not goin’ to like that.  But Jesus died for everyone and all are forgiven. All  they have to do is believe it.)

See, He’s using Tami again. This time in your life, to tell you this. Just a little encounter in a bank and the Glory of God shows up to light up the day.


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