A Spoilt Little Girl of Jesus

I’m quite emotional today. Off and on during this day, I’ve been overwhelmed by the love of God. I’m sorry others might not know it. It’s a love beyond anything imaginable.

Day beforRoryandMee yesterday I thought, ‘wouldn’t it be nice if Rory, my dear friend, called and had time to go to lunch’. I felt like going out.

Yesterday, Rory realized it was the deadline for a video she had to do and send to family and she wasn’t ready or sure if she could do a great video with her phone on herself. As she sat there in bed wondering, God said to her, I’m sure with a smirk on His lovely face, “Why don’t you call Carroll and ask her to go to lunch with you and then she can videotape you with your phone.”

She did!!! And we sure did go to lunch. She sure did get videotaped and in one take! Who does that?

I feel so spoilt by my God. I wished it and here He comes with it. Oh, some might want to put that down or squish my joy, but I don’t care, He did this for me and all day I’ve just been emotional about Him and me. We’re quite a pair and we do well together. On this faith walk with him, He’s promised one thing for sure…He will do everything that He has promised me He would do, both what is in the Scriptures and what He has whispered to me personally.

People, I am a spoilt, loved and adored child of God and He keeps on spoiling me and enjoying it. Hope you’re being spoilt too.

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