deepditchThe Lord just showed me that I was in a pit – the pit of self-pity. I asked Him to lift me up  out of the pit – and He just lifted me up out!

Just now!

So excited. I’m smiling all over myself.  Sarah Young wrote a word from the Lord in her book, “Jesus Calling” – Be on guard against the pit of self-pity. When you are weary or unwell, this demonic trap is the greatest danger you face. Don’t even go near the edge of the pit. It’s edges crumble easily and before you know it, you are on the way down. It is ever so much harder to get out of the pit than to keep a safe distance from it.

Then up on solid ground, far from any pit, I began to think about something. Some racist act was observed by me and I went down a road of whining about racism – Oops! Up I came and looked around. Oh no! I’m not in that pit anymore. But look! Stuff of the pit needs to be worked off me.mossCoveredrocks

Lord please help me in this


There’s so much that I’m


So much


But I’m leaning on You Lord

To keep me away from

that pit of sad,

that pit of self-pity,

that hole of ‘poor me’,

that cavern of grief,

that ditch of regret.

Lord slough off the

remnants of that murky

muddy pit of self-pity.

Give me a daily spa treatment

Of fresh oil anointing,

Heavenly fertilizer of joy

& exfoliation from your Great Hands, massaging off the unnecessary.

©2015 Carroll Ayo Durodola


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