The Wall Breaker Power

SeasonsChangingSuddenly, this morning, I realized that a huge angel was in the middle of my room. It was so there. BIG.

Flustered, not being able to remember what I had been taught in Seer School to say to a being that appeared before me, I asked if he was for me or against me. He bent down lovingly and showed he was for me. I can’t describe the gesture but I knew that’s what he was saying. Then remembering some of the lessons I learned, I asked who he was, his name or function. Looking at the other angels that are more prominent around me, Destiny, Move and Change/Transition, they shook their heads vehemently, “No, not an angel” I realized this was a Power. The Spirit of the Living God (SOLG or the Holy Spirit) had taught me awhile ago that these are different from angels. A different species from angels. I think Principalities are different too. There are all kinds of heavenly beings around us to help us and do the Word of God in our lives.

The Power said he is the Wall Breaker. Oh, I immediately worried that I had been so stubborn that I needed a jack-hammer. SOLG said “No”, it’s His responsibility to make sure that walls are broken, not mine. So this is not a jack-hammer but help and assurance that the Walls are coming down.

When I see these beings I wonder how big is God. And then I felt He is so big, He is bigger than anything I can imagine.

At first when I felt this amazing being in my room, SOLG said use your imagination. There’s no need to fear your imagination. It’s a gift from Me and a tool. As I let my imagination flow, SOLG guided me to what this Power might be, and led me to Wall-Breaker.

So, I’ve gone through the wilderness and have come out into a clump of trees or a land like by the Jordan River (Joshua 3:1) and have crossed over the Jordan to the other side. Now, after “circumcision” (5:2), I am remaining where I am until I am healed. SOLG has told me repeatedly, that there is a lot of healing to be done in me (…and all of us. We are coming out of families we need healing from. We are coming out of churches we need healing from. We are coming out of relationships and groups of friends we need healing from).

Jericho is up ahead. There are Rahabs (Joshua 2:12-13) in the wall that need to be saved and rescued.

Jericho’s walls in your life need to be broken down. This happened to me, but maybe it is for you also, to be aware of this Power or another, having arrived in your life. Decree over yourself and speak God’s promises to you into your life – speak the Word of God and these beings will do what they are sent to do for you. 


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