What am I really looking for?

What am I really looking for?

This is what I started asking myself a few days ago and the Lord joined in. “Yeah, what are you looking for?”

“Well, my riches, the path out of not having anything, into having what You said was coming my way”.

After much conversation, I could see the Spirit was showing me that I’m supposed to be practicing living in the Now moment.


A change came over me and I was determined to write. So I wrote My Defiance. I wrote into the night. It seemed too long. Spirit of the Living God (SOLG) said never mind and I kept writing. The next morning I woke with a purpose and went on working on it and my new episode for FWTV. Satan came after me with criticism, doubt and fear of not man-pleasing, but I went on. What do we say, ‘feet don’t fail me now’. I was like ‘unstoppability don’t fail me now’.

Before I knew it, my blog was posted, the show was being aired and I had even sent e-mails to folks who needed it that day…and…I started folding my clothes in my room and straightening up!!!

Look, I don’t know about you guys, but I have discovered in 58 years on this Earth that what’s going on in my living quarters reflects what’s going on in my head and heart. If they don’t match at first, they will start to match.

Looking forwagazingIntotheFutererd to God’s promises is wonderful and He often goes to great lengths to show us what he has in store for us. Often it doesn’t mean right now, so we have to go through a process. But sitting in the place where He has you, hand cupped over eyes, trying to see the future is very tiring. Ask me how I know – 3 guesses and the first two don’t count.

There’s no point staring longingly into the future. Your future is now and then you have a great future coming up too! Enjoy each day because this is now. Watching the World Cup I’ve enjoyed seeing teams we did not expect to advance, advancing and teams we expected to advance being eliminated.

Believe me, you do not know what to expect in the faith walk that you are on right now. This word is for some of you reading. You are going to be shocked – sometimes pleasantly shocked and sometimes just shocked – by how God will lead. You might as well relax and rest in the now moment. It will soon pass, my friend Sharon Ewell Foster used to say, and you would have missed it.

Watching the Algerians score and score and then the Koreans come back after the first half and score twice. Each team fighting and coming back again. We warrior Christians are going to have to be like that on this spiritual faith walk. Keep coming back again and again. Do things for victory over and over again, even if you’ve done them before. At the command of the King, do it again.

So what am I really looking for? God in every moment. Miracles every day. An exciting now moment and the joy of the future.  I’m looking for hearing God more accurately and seeing Him clearly and doing what He says more immediately on a regular basis.


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