My Defiance

Look, I was in pain this week. Something like a stitch in my right side. You know how you have that pain like you slept wrong. Then I remembered that’s how it felt when I had that Gastro Alert –

But this somehow was different. I asked the Master Jesus what to do. No health care, but you know He can supernaturally provide healthcare for me –

The Spirit of the Living God (SOLG) led me to just speak in my heavenly language (tongues) and speak health into my body. So I’ve been doing that since Sunday, but it seemed the symptoms didn’t move. What on Earth!@#? And I kept praying. I kept speaking to the pain and to any disorder that might have been going on or any disease.

I call this post “My Defiance” because of the obvious spiritual fight but also because the Lord has encouraged me to write more and of course Satan and my flesh, don’t want that. So I must write about what the Lord told me…He said I was healed already. I spoke it that first day and it was done. Now what I needed to do is believe. Go beyond faith into believing without doubt. God taught us this in the episode of The Faith Walk TV Show – The Outer Limits – .

He said a lot of the symptoms were just left over symptoms. You know when you fall and you feel the effect days later. You’re not still falling. The action has ended, but the effects remain, until they wear out. So SOLG said ignore the symptoms, you are healed! Continue to speak to the pain and ache and tell it, it has no place around you anymore. That, 2,014 years ago Jesus was beaten and every slash of the torment was my aches and pains healed!  (Isaiah 53:5). So, I am no longer under evil’s domain for Christ has made Himself a curse for me and transferred my citizenship to His Heavenly Kingdom. (Galatians 13:3). Also, I live in obedience now and therefore live in the blessings of the Lord, that eliminates sickness which is only found if I were living under the curse. (Deuteronomy 28) (Wow, that last part took boldness to say).

Well yesterday I had to praise the Lord as I realized He was right, the ache has subsided substantially and I am greatly relieved. Sometimes it’s hard to ignore the problem, but God can help you with that. Supernaturally you will see yourself doing it. (I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me – Philippians 4:13). Ignore it and do other things. You know how healers say, “do what you couldn’t do before” – do that. Hope this helps somebody 🙂



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