Christmas Gastro Alert!!!!!!!


It’s Christmas time. Happy Christ Mass everyone. While most folk are celebrating themselves, their families and Santa Claus we who are intimate with Jesus, know this is the time to rejoice that he came as embryo, made it through the birth canal and was born as a baby. Jesus went through everything we have gone through on Earth. I’m comforted that He didn’t jump into an already made man, but went through all we have gone through.

It’s especially good to know at this time as Satan has been trying to take me down. I guess since I’m not dying or stepping out of following Christ, he’s trying to make me as miserable as possible. All of November was full of the worst flu I’ve ever had. Then as I was getting over that, which took most of December, on Thursday I got hit with a horrible gastrointestinal episode.

When people have talked about this in the past, I would say – yuke. But this was not a ‘yuke’ affair, it was full of pain, no sleep and weakness. It hit my let side and the cramps were horrendous. Like someone was was squeezing my insides like they were wringing out clothes.

But as you can see, my fingers are working and to have so many blogs as you see in My Blogs link and not use them to talk about the goodness of the Lord, seems a shame. So I’m marching on.

My roommate, Carol, came to my rescue with her MiraLAX; she bought me yogurt, Motrin and the wonderful and marvelous Acidophilus & Probiotic complex. Rory, my nurse friend ran over with antacid and a professional look and views, which always reassures you. Of course they prayed over me and rebuked all works of the Devil.

The Father taught me so much over these two incidents one being that I will change my eating habits. These times always move us to this direction but then we fall back. But those cramps, I guess in my colon or intestine, really scared me. There is still pain, but I guess all of you who have lived with this kind of problem and worse, know how I feel and now I understand how you feel, although I’m sure it’s worse if it’s lifelong. Bless you. You truly brave soldiers.


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