Trust the Lord and say Thank You Jesus

Our Heavenly Father has me in a time of opening my mouth to say “I trust You Lord” and “Thank You Jesus”. You know what I mean. I mean saying out loud. If you’re not in that situation, do like my friend, Marie, says in Australia, shout it inside of yourself.
Thankfully, I’m in a place where I can say it out loud. Say it until you believe it. Say it over and over again.
All that has gone on in my life, the Lord has led me so far. He’s worthy of my trust and my gratitude, because He is ever present with me and loving me. He says He will never leave us or forsake us. He’s always there, closer than a brother. It’s supernatural. It might not make sense because you don’t see Him in the flesh, but He’s right there. I have a dear cousin in Nigeria, Kayode Owojaiye, and I feel very close to him. It’s not because we necessarily grew up together, but we both love the Lord and he always has wise words of encouragement for me, though he’s younger than me. I love him. Now if I can feel like that about someone a continent away, surely I can feel that way about a very real God, the Ruler of all Universes, who is right here with me. One whom I’ve known since I was seven years old.
Some of you have know God since you were children also. Maybe you’ve grown up now and think you didn’t understand what you were doing so young making such a grown-up commitment. But you got saved that day and you were closer to God then than you have become. Believe Him when He says – if you come to Me as a little child I won’t turn you away. In fact, He says, now that you are older, trust Me childishly. Or trust me like children trust people.
Another verse in the Bible says: open your mouth and I will fill it. One of the earliest verses my mother taught me.
Now, open you mouth and tell Jesus you trust Him and thank Him. Let Him fill you with all that you need.