O.K. the children’s writer has a toothache.Image

It’s been going on for a month. No healthcare, money or job…you know the deal if you’ve been following me at all. Someone at church asked, “what does one do in this kind of situation?”. Very good question. One reason I’m glad I’m of in this faith walk is the various things I’m finding out about what poor people go through in America. Of course poor in America and poor anywhere else in the world are two very different things.

When you’ve lived like me in America where you’ve had a job and money and doctors and then you find yourself like this, you can rely on no one but God. If you’ve been called by Him to write, like I have; if you’ve voluntarily obeyed the Lord and have gone without a regular job with a salary, then you know how He provides for you. And of course He is providing for me wonderfully. So that even though I have a toothache, right now it’s not hurting terribly. He has provided Extra Strength acetaminophen in abundance:) I think there’s some supernatural stuff going on in my mouth too, though, because I’ve had a toothache before and acetaminophen did not hit the spot!

I love Jesus.

He’s makes us sit down and stare at Him when He causes these amazing things to happen. No money – but plenty of provision. Even antibiotics. Now I shouldn’t be able to have that! But I do. I also have a dentist appointment in the next few days – also a miracle.

Since I see things happening in the natural as meaning something like that is happening in the spiritual, I asked the Lord “what was this?”. It came to mind how much talking I was doing, either in my art or in blogs or in books and so it makes sense that Satan would attack my mouth. “Shut up”, he’s saying. But I won’t.

I’m going to keep on proclaiming the word of the Lord and I’m going to keep on saying what the Father wants me to say. I’m going to keep on writing and keep on walking by faith.

Love yall.



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  1. Vonda
    Oct 05, 2012 @ 15:03:53

    Great Encouragment! Well Said! I’m happy you’ve got an appointment lined up;this is awesome!

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