ImageGod has me in a quiet time. I love it. I love it for it’s frustration and for it’s discipline. You have frustration because you are under the power of the Holy Spirit, voluntarily, so you can’t just get up every day and do what you like. Now, this Spirit is telling me to be still. Very still.

I think a recent video blog I did said (, Be Still So the Lord Can heal You. Yep, There it is. maybe healing is going on. Whatever it is, I’m doing next to nothing. Of course when I look back at the day, I see I’ve accomplished some things, but effortlessly. Does anyone know what I mean? Is any other Jesus follower, experiencing this? I realize, reviewing that video blog that that was August 20th – a month ago! He’s had me on this path for awhile.

Talking to my friend Yvonne, I realize we’re being rested for something coming up. Some great work coming up. That some of us are more aware of the world around us and we are more in tuned to what the Lord might be saying. Interesting, it is mostly us who are not working in a regular 9-5 job right now, for whatever reason.

If God has you in this sit still stage; this be still path; this do nothing period – know that, as He told me the other day, “it might look like you’re doing nothing, but in your nothingness, I am doing something and using you”. As a Jesus follower, even in the most quiet moments, I’m communicating with the Father. It’s no great leap into the spirit realm. It’s right here. The way there is in quietness.

As a writer and artist it is a wonderful smooth spot to be in to be in quietness. For it is in quietness and trust (in God) that I find my strength. (Isaiah 30:15) Wow! So I need strength. Who doesn’t in the times we live in? This verse in the Bible is actually said during a time when Israel was refusing to rely on God alone for their strength. Instead they were going to other nations to help.

O.K.! So maybe that’s it! God is putting me through a training to rely on Him alone.


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