I Funny Thing Happened On the Way To This Blog

Oh my! I should have been blogging. Where is the year going. Look folks, you might have to keep up with the other blogs because by mistake I blogged on http://childrenswriter100.wordpress.com/ what I was supposed to blog here. Stuff about my post-abortion trauma healing session I’ve been in. Well not all about them, but starting to talk about them. Post Abortion Trauma! Ever heard about it? Me neither. Anyway it’s out there.

Well the Faith Journey continues and is certainly in the NOW. Living and Loving the now moment with the Lord. The design of the http://childrenswriter100.wordpress.com/ blog has changed and WordPress has changed alot of their designs and I was just about to change the design here, but then I discerned it again…and I like it. Driving in a tunnel, I love them, going round a bend and not knowing what will be around the bend. But the tunnel is lined in the color green. The color of money! The color of wealth.

We work for and live with an abundant Father who deals extravagantly with us! What we see as waste is extravagance for Him. He has plenty and so do we.