God laughs and jokes

God is encouraging me today to go on. To trust Him. To not turn back. The Lutheran pastor (Jeske) is talking about Jesus in the wilderness and how it seemed God was going too far to almost starve Jesus. At this point, I’ve been having little times of thinking this is just ridiculous. I need to get out of here. But God is saying wait. Let the SOLG do what He is supposed to be doing. He will do it well and thoroughly. Papa, wants me on His lap, NOW!!! Get there and stay there and snuggle down.

As I do I see how worried everyone around me is and how down they are. How attached to flesh and how hard they are trying to save themselves. I’m talking about Christians. Then I look at myself. With my size 18 stretch jeans, self

Excuse me if you can. I’ve lost about 50 lbs over this faith walk I’ve been on and was a size 22w.

Oh my! God has made me someone who has to always joke around and laugh with the truths of the gospel. God is hilarious, funny. God laughs a lot and jokes a lot and tickles us until we laugh. He is the Lord of the Dance and He wants us to laugh and dance and joke around. To tease. Come on Christians, we’re supposed to. Get with the joy of the Kingdom. Get used to it. There is going to be sooooo much laughter in Heaven. Get used to laughing down here.


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