Long time no see

Oh my goodness – it’s been forever since I’ve written here. I was so shy about exposing my life, but now I’ve been video blogging my whole life, what is there to be scared of.

I’m off to Nnenna’s graduation. My niece. Love her, but hate going to these things. And this is not even the ceremony but the party part.

Why I hate High School graduations is that, isn’t high school education free here and compulsory? So what’s the big deal if you go. So what!!!! You have to go. And if you drop out, you’re an idiot. Even if your sick or sad or bad, there are correspondence courses. This is America. This is where every child in the world wish they could be. And you’re here and you’re not finishing high school. For this Nigerian woman, that is ridiculous.

But I’m taking care of mother after back surgery and she wants to go and so I’ll take her. I almost sent her with her friend Sue, but the Holy Spirit said that would not be nice. So I’m going too. Taking crocheting to do and leaving the laptop.

Wait a minute, why should I leave the laptop. I just got a jump in energy and attitude. Take it! Then I can keep downloading You Tube and write some more on the blogs I’ve neglected. I feel the Holy Spirit of God – I call Him Spirit of the Living God (SOLG) – is going to reach out and grab you all in your places and pull you into this record. Why? I don’t know, but you must need what I’m putting out there, ‘cuz He doesn’t so anything for nothing. SOLG, that is. He makes sure everything I do, means something to uplifting and expanding the Kingdom of Heaven.

The same is probably true for you, so stay in there. Somebody needs you. And He is using you.


Princess Ayo


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