Today I feel like taking my life back into my hands and living this thing. God is taking too long. I feel pressure. The food stamps won’t last forever, they say. THAT’S IT! “They” say. Forget them and even your own flesh (mind). I will believe the report of the Lord. Not my report or the report of officials.

Along this journey…here’s what happened to me one day.

It was April 9th 2010 and Oh my! I sat down at Penn Station, B’more and hunger hit. I had made provision for a tuna lunch at Panera Bread but by 9:15 p.m. waiting for the MARC train into Washington D.C.  – trouble. $4.60 left to my name. What to do? Lord, your girl is hungry! Give me a good idea. He led me to the Java Café and an $8.99 salad and drink. I was eating! Delicious. And without me gobbling! Feta cheese, chicken breast, teeny tomatoes, bacon, eggs, lettuce. Buttermilk dressing & Apple juice. How did I afford it? My TD bank card. And it worked! Amazing! How is this happening? Last time I looked I had no money there. God. My Daddy God. Supplying for me! Unconventionally maybe. But I ate.

The food was more delicious for the way He provided for me. Jehovah Jireh. I am no longer hungry. Whew! I feel like I was about to teeter over a precipice because when I get hungry I get the shakes and it was coming on. The practice I’m having now is to not act too elated. Grateful Lord – Yes, (I praised You through those first five bites – & I’ll probably be on a high about this all weekend)(Nope, there were too many other highs coming) but not shocked. I should expect to be fed and expectant of a miracle.


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