Here begins my 7th blog:0

This is the seventh blog. (It had been on another network :), but I had to move to WordPress). I’m just being obedient folks. The journey as been long or has seemed that way. I left my apartment on January 3rd and moved into my sister Rose’s place. Since then I’ve been in six homes, (including two weeks at my mom’s twice;\).as the Lord has led me along showing me that He is my Jehovah Jireh and He can provide for me without my help.

I’m expecting great things only because now I realize I’m out of the wilderness. The Holy Spirit has got me involved in selling silver jewelry, one of my favorites, and this will be the first time this year, or for a long time, that He’s got me in something that will actually give me an income.

It’s that selling with parties stuff, that I don’t like, but I feel led. If this faith journey has taught me anything, it is that it doesn’t matter if you don’t like it, or you think it’s not you. If Jesus says do it, just do it.

For all you intelligent types out there, it may not make sense. Here’s the annoying thing, it may NEVER make sense. And worse, sometimes, Jesus is just trying to see if you’ll obey. And sometimes He’s maneuvering you around to a position He needs you in, to take you some place else. So the jewelry selling may have nothing to do with jewelry, selling or money.

Hold on for the ride!


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